Shannon’s Choice


Shannon at CMN Hospital 

Family and friends who loved me during my time of cancer had different opinions about what sort of treatment for stage 4 cancer I should be doing.  Every opinion was with great intentions. Those opinions were strong and out of love or fear. Whether I chose alternative medicine or traditional treatments like chemo, if they had failed me; I would not blame the doctors, and I hope my friends and family would support “my choice.”  We know it works for some and not for others.

“I chose Alternative Cancer Treatments”  I held my arm out for the IV, and I believed in my choices of healthier IV’s vs the toxic chemotherapy.   I was sick with cancer but also with complications of staph infection in my lungs and pneumonia. I needed to get my immune system stronger.   People write me, asking “What made you choose CMN?” The answer is many things. I knew I couldn’t quit and had to keep fighting the cancer and heal my body.  

Being treated with alternative therapies for stage 4 breast cancer at CMN Hospital saved my life and turned out to be the right choice for me.  I would choose the same if you asked me today; “They saved my life”  If you had cancer treatment that was successful,  I think you would understand my loyalty to the physician/specialists at CMN. I feel they are qualified to treat stage 4 successfully.  Each situation is different based on earlier treatment. The Success  Rate varies based on the many different variables.


If you feel overwhelmed, pray about it and you will find your answer.  If you don’t pray then just go with your intuition and reputation.  Your choice is “the best”  through the entire journey.

~Shannon Knight