Coming Clean!

I’M COMING CLEAN! I was addicted to and sold toxic substances! VICTORIA’S SECRET BATH & BODY WORKS yummy smelling bath lotions! I loved that stuff and still have it (It’s going in the trash!). My friends and daughter will tell you I had that stuff everywhere. even in the center console of my car, my […]

Conversation With God

What happened that September day explains it all… Photo Taken by my twin sis with my niece (Her daughter) Madison Liberty September 2010 This picture says so many things, I was holding all my fear inside. The doctors told me the cancer was aggressive and just spreading (seemingly hopeless). Unless I did the recommended treatments […]

Growing up with Cancer

(Only One family member in this picture did not get cancer) By Shannon Knight As far back as I can remember, cancer terrified me. Cancer always meant death was around the corner. Whenever I saw someone losing their hair and dropping weight, it scared me. I was not old enough to understand. I remember the […]