Open Letter: My Darkest Hour

SHANNON KNIGHT· TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 2016 My Personal Letter to a friend during my darkest hour. It was Spring, May 2011, just three months after returning from  CMN hospital in San Luis, Sonora Mexico. I was treated with alternative cancer treatments for a recurrence of stage 4 breast cancer. The cancer was bad and had […]

Love & Support

Don’t Miss A Dose! A missed dose of love can cause serious side effects. (this means self-love too) If you do not take care of yourself, you will be less efficient caring for another) When someone is gravely ill, you must love them even more.You don’t complain about their cry for attention or their odd […]

My Attitude Adjustment

My Attitude Adjustment When I had breast cancer and went through the bilateral mastectomy in October 2006  I did not do the recommended chemotherapy cocktail (three drugs) and I did not do the hormone therapy or radiation.  I had experienced one complication after another with the surgeries. I was sick with staph twice from the […]

Noel Meeks – Cowboy Angel Not many people have heard about Noel Meeks, my cowboy angel and he was an impact in my life while I battled stage 3 breast cancer and some other hardships such as a boyfriend cheating on me and a knee replacement put in crooked. I had a lot of pain […]