Interview with Chris Wark

If you are receiving treatment for cancer do not start another treatment before consulting with a physician.

Regardless of what testimonies you listen to from anyone, remember you are not like anyone else in the world; your diagnosis is unique.  If I can convey one message, it is for you to realize that there is always hope!

If you chose chemotherapy or radiation and it was ineffective, or if you just do not want to do it at all and are at a crossroads having to choose from many alternatives for healing the body you will need to begin doing some serious researching.  If chemo and other therapies like radiation did not work do not beat yourself emotionally up for what therapies you decided on.  Your choice is best for you. Today is a new day.

Know your body, trust your instincts and most of all “you choose” and take full responsibility. No one can force you to do a treatment but we do feel the pressure from our doctor sometimes.  I remember some things that were said to me, but I resisted the chemo and chose a different path.  Many people who loved me during my time of cancer  had different opinions and great intentions. Those opinions were strong. If alternative medicine failed me; I would not blame the doctors. If chemo failed me, I would not blame the doctors. I chose treatments I wanted to based on the information I received from my research. No one told me to go where I went. I wanted to go without any doubts. I would not blame family for pushing their opinions because it is always done with love.

I have my story posted, and it is not to get you to change or choose the hospital I went to. i love my family and to this day, some choose one path or another.  You must trust your instincts. I have heard of many therapies, and I have my thoughts on them but will not give my opinion on what you should do because you have got to do what instinctively feels right.

Please do not ask me to recommend an anti-cancer diet or supplements,treatments or facilities, etc. You must seek out professionals and talk with doctors. Please research, pray and decide what feels right for you. I provided the hospital name of where I went because people kept asking why it was not in my video.  They have a contact form on their website if you want information from them.

It still is up to you to research hospitals on your own, check at least “three” hospitals for information. My doctors never made me promises, and no doctor should. Every doctor treating cancer has had success and failure. The truth can be hard to hear, but at least, you have the power to choose. Research treatments, learn, decide and then accept.

~Shannon Knight


7 thoughts on “Interview with Chris Wark

  1. My baby sister has had painful surgeries for her breast cancer. After this last surgery, she now has cancer in both breasts or what you would call NO BREASTS. They removed them. PLEASE tell me how you did it. I’m tired of seeing her in pain & getting weaker with no hope. Thank you & God bless<3

  2. Hello Shannon. What a great interview. I just saw your email above, and will email you. Thank you. I loved the way you described everything, and I empathized with you totally. Sally M.

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